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Wound management products and elasticated garments
Advanced wound dressings
Advanced wound dressings / Hydrocolloid dressings
  Hydrocolloid-fibrous dressings
  Aquacel Restricted
  Without adhesive border
  DuoDERM Extra Thin On Formulary
Advanced wound dressings / Hydrogel dressings
  Hydrogel application (amorphous)
  Purilon Gel Off Formulary
  Hydrogel sheet dressings
  ActiFormCool Off Formulary
  Odour absorbent dressings
  CliniSorb Odour Control Dressings Restricted
Advanced wound dressings / Soft polymer dressings
  With absorbent pad
  Mepilex Restricted
  Without absorbent pad
  Mepitel Restricted
  Urgotul Off Formulary
Antimicrobial dressings
Antimicrobial dressings / Silver dressings
  Alginate dressings
  Silvercel Off Formulary
  Hydrocolloid dressings
  Aquacel Ag Off Formulary
Basic wound contact dressings
Basic wound contact dressings / Low adherence dressing
  Knitted polyester primary dressing
  Atrauman Restricted
Specialised dressings
Specialised dressings / Silicone keloid dressings
  Silicone sheets
  Cica-Care Off Formulary
  Silgel Off Formulary