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Blood and blood-forming organs
Blood and blood-forming organs / Hypoplastic, haemolytic, and renal anaemias
  darbepoetin alfa Restricted NICE TA323
  eltrombopag Nice-approved drug NICE TA293
  epoetin alfa Off Formulary NICE TA323
  epoetin beta Restricted NICE TA323
  epoetin zeta Off Formulary NICE TA323
  methoxy polyethylene glycol-epoetin beta Off Formulary
Blood and blood-forming organs / Sickle-cell disease
  crizanlizumab Restricted NICE TA743
  hydroxycarbamide Restricted
Siklos (Masters Pharmaceuticals Ltd) Off Formulary
Hydroxycarbamide (Non-proprietary) Restricted
Blood and blood-forming organs / Iron deficiency anaemia
  ferric carboxymaltose On Formulary
  ferrous fumarate On Formulary
  ferrous gluconate Off Formulary
  ferrous sulfate On Formulary
Ferrous sulfate (Non-proprietary) On Formulary
  ferrous sulfate with folic acid On Formulary
  iron dextran On Formulary
  Solution for injection
CosmoFer (Pharmacosmos UK Ltd) On Formulary
  iron sucrose On Formulary
  sodium feredetate On Formulary
  Oral solution
Sytron (Forum Health Products Ltd) On Formulary
Blood and blood-forming organs / Megaloblastic anaemia
  cyanocobalamin Restricted
  folic acid On Formulary
  hydroxocobalamin On Formulary
Blood and blood-forming organs / Iron overload
  deferasirox Off Formulary
  deferiprone Off Formulary
  desferrioxamine mesilate Restricted
  Powder for solution for injection
Desferrioxamine mesilate (Non-proprietary) Restricted
Desferal (Novartis Pharmaceuticals UK Ltd) Off Formulary
Blood and blood-forming organs / Neutropenia
  filgrastim Restricted
  Solution for injection
Accofil (Accord Healthcare Ltd) Off Formulary
Neupogen (Amgen Ltd) Off Formulary
Neupogen Singleject (Amgen Ltd) Off Formulary
Nivestim (Pfizer Ltd) Off Formulary
Zarzio (Sandoz Ltd) Restricted
  lenograstim Restricted
  Powder and solvent for solution for injection
Granocyte (Chugai Pharma UK Ltd) Off Formulary
  pegfilgrastim Off Formulary
Blood and blood-forming organs / Essential thrombocythaemia
  anagrelide Off Formulary